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R & D are integral parts of our operation. We constantly develop new techniques to improve our manufacturing and closely work with our customers and suppliers to develop state of the art products.

ANVAR ELECTRONICS LTD. provides the support that customers need when designing their products or when choosing the suitable materials. Our team of engineers and technicians produce drawings and make prototype samples to aid our customers in developing the products and to accelerate the manufacturing cycle, ensuring quick response and delivery.

Whether the customer is introducing a new product on the market or solving problems for present products or applications, our engineers are close by to offer assistance and help for the research and development of the product and process.


We assist our customers in writing the specifications for their specialized products and connectors for specific high demanding applications in the aerospace and in the communications industries.

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This military type connector accepts liquid tight conduits and is designed to be tamper proof. The connector is built to take different size pins therefore allowing power and signal transmission.
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