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Objective: Our Q.A. program is fully integrated with our production.

The Q.A. program objectives cover:
  • Inspection of incoming materials for conformity

  • Inspection of sub assemblies during manufacturing

  • Final inspection and testing of manufactured products

  • Inspection for conformity to applicable standards


Our Quality Control Department is responsible for the conformity to product specifications at all stages of manufacturing.

Tensile strength test equipment, digital circuit analyzers, and custom measuring jigs and the latest applicable test equipment are used by our quality control department. We are equipped with testers for complex wiring harnesses and electronic assemblies.

Our aim at ANVAR ELECTRONICS LTD. is to manufacture products that constantly meet or exceed the levels of performance required by our customers.


Our standards of certification:
  • Our products are certified by CSA the CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION (File No. LR 85959-1)

  • We are approved by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. (U.L. # E 125287 (N) )

  • Our internal Q.A. program is in conformity with the requirements of the ISO 9002 quality standard (1994 edition file No. CAE 1758)
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